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The Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies (further: The Administration) provides specific professional, technical and other joint services to the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, President of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Government, Constitutional Court of Serbia, Ministries, special organizations and court’s bodies of the Republic (further: republic bodies). The Administration’ s departments provides next services:

Information and communications technology department
  • attendance and coordination of development of e-government in republic bodies and hardware-software support for that development
  • customizing the way of functioning information-communication technologies in republic bodies
  • design, development, building and maintenance of the joint computer-telecommunications; network of the Republic bodies
  • connecting republic bodies and organizations to the Internet; opening and administration of official domains for republic bodies
  • development and maintenance email systems of republic bodies, system and technical informatics support for republic bodies
  • introducing to regular exploitation of new operating systems, system and antivirus software, Internet presentation of republic bodies protection software, Internet presentation of republic bodies hosting; design and development of information systems of users
  • maintenance of present information systems; creating and introducing projects for automation common services, design and organize document and other databases for purposes of work of republic bodies
  • data processing on computer; training of information systems users and other informatics tasks regarding ensuring of functioning and development of information system of republic bodies of Republic of Serbia.
Financial and Monetary Services Department
  • adjunct bookkeeping and record; creating the financial reports about realized revenues and expenses; adjunct propriety bookkeeping for republic bodies and organizations
  • purchase, storing and handing out: office and other supplies
  • purchase of the equipment, devices, inventory
Legal and Information-Documentation and Administrative Services Department
  • property insurance services
  • carrying out tender procedures and auctions
  • performing jobs on information-documentation which include collecting, processing, keeping and owing documentation and bibliographic materials significant for informing, professional improvement and analytical-professional work in republic bodies
  • creating and updating of legal regulation and other documentation databases
  • jobs of admission, recording, aggregating, classifying, archiving of affairs
  • Mail admission and shipment via post services and internal courier
  • operating notaries, take care of material of register and archive material, destroying worthless material of register
Investments, Current and Investment Maintenance Department
  • services concerning preparation and project documentation creating, building, expansion, adaptation and maintenance of the office buildings, residential buildings and state-owned apartments
  • handling of professional supervision
  • handicraft services in concern with maintaining and enabling the installation and devices functioning in the buildings
  • maintenance and development of the communication systems and other electronic systems
  • physical - technical and firefighting protection
  • hygiene maintenance in the buildings, offices and related objects
  • arrangement and equipment of interior
  • jobs concerning artworks and cultural heritage
Traffic Services Department
  • transport by the state-owned vehicles for the needs of the Republic institutions according with acts which regulate the conditions and the way of using of official vehicles
  • servicing, maintaining, garaging and parking of the vehicles, monitoring and improvement of safety according to the Law which regulate traffic safety on the roads
Catering Services Department
  • catering services for users in the buildings of republic bodies
  • purchasing groceries and drinks; preparing cold and hot meals, desserts and drinks, serving drinks
  • storing and delivering goods in the office buildings
  • groceries’ accuracy control with use of HACCP standard hygiene maintenance in the restaurants,
Representative Objects and Bureau Services Department
  • professional and operational jobs concerning safeguarding, maintenance and using of representative objects (residences, representative buildings and other real estates in use for representative according to acts which regulate means of representative and way of their using)
  • regular and exceeding maintenance of representative and residential objects
  • preparation of investment and technical documentation for carrying out tender procedures for the Department
  • agricultural services distinctive to services in other government bodies
  • fruits production, storing and processing; fruits storing and final products manufacturing and other services related to fruits and grapes production
  • regular and exceeding maintenance of park and decorative areas, forest maintenance, roads, paths and fence maintenance
  • transcription and collation of the transcript material text; processing and text layout on the Automatic Data Processing resources, stenography services
  • services of printing, duplicating and bookbinding of materials.
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