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Legal and Information-Documentation and Administrative Services Department

The Department is run by the Director Assistant Aleksandar Rebić, jurist.

The department contains the following internal units:

1. Section for legal, personnel and general services:

- Departmental for legal and general services
- Departmental for personnel services

2. Section for public procurement:

- Departmental for public procurement of work and services
- Departmental for public procurement of goods

3. Section for information-documentation and library services;

4. Section for administration services

- Notary in the building of the Government;
- Notary of the republic bodies of the Administration in 22-26 Nemanjina Street;
   - Departmental for Republic bodies’ notary services in 2 Bul. Mihajla Pupina Street and in 1 Omladinskih Brigada Street
   - Departmental for general affaires for the City of Belgrade.
   - Departmental for notary and mail expedition
- Section for mail admission and shipment;
- Section for archive services;

Purview of the Department

The Department operates following jobs:

  • drafting bills on general acts;
  • drafting and control of the contracts and agreements which sign Administration;
  • property and personal insurance services;
  • representing in procedure on courts and other bodies;
  • carrying out tender procedures and auctions;
  • drafting decisions and resolutions;
  • drafting working programs and reports on the activities of the Administration, creating the statistical and other reports;
  • performing jobs on information-documentation which include collecting, processing, keeping and owing documentation and bibliographic materials significant for informing, professional improvement and analytical-professional work in republic bodies;
  • creating and updating of legal regulation and other documentation databases;
  • jobs on accessibility of public information; jobs of admission, recording, aggregating, classifying, archiving of affairs;
  • Mail admission and shipment via post services and internal courier;
  • operating notaries, take care of material of register and archive material, destroying worthless material of register and other services from Section’s purview.


Telephone: +381 11 3611 298
Faks: +381 11 2656 336
e-mail: aleksandar.rebic@uzzpro.gov.rs
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