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Financial and Monetary Services Department

The Department is run by Director Assistant Mirjana Radonjic.

The financial and monetary department contains the following internal units:

- Section for financial-accounting services;

- Section for bookkeeping services;

- Section for commercial-purchase services.

Purview of the Department

The Department operates following jobs:

  • planning budget Administration’s expenses planning of Administration’s budget spending;
  • creating requests for appropriation changing and quotes changing;
  • creating requests for creating taken obligations, creating requests for payment, expense control, payment processing and cost record, adjunct bookkeeping and record;
  • creating the financial reports about realized revenues and expenses;
  • adjunct propriety bookkeeping for republic bodies and organizations;
  • collecting and data control for salary calculation officials, appointees and other employees;
  • purchase, storing and handing out: the equipment, devices, inventory, office and other supplies;
  • other services concerning financial and monetary affairs.
Telephones: +381 11 3622 091
Faks: +381 11 3616 612
e-mail: mirjana.radonjic@uzzpro.gov.rs

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