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Traffic Services Department

The Department is run by Director Assistant Simunović Miroslav.

The department for traffic services contains the following internal units:

1. Traffic section

   - Traffic Services departmental - 22-26 Nemanjina Street
   - Traffic Services departmental - 2 Bul. Mihajla Pupina Street

2. Maintenance section

Purview of the Department

The Department operates following jobs:

  • transport by the state-owned vehicles for the needs of the Republic institutions according with acts which regulate the conditions and the way of using of official vehicles,
  • servicing, maintaining, garaging and parking of the vehicles,
  • monitoring and improvement of safety according to the Law which regulate traffic safety on the roads,
  • services of transportation,
  • analyzing state and exploitation of vehicles,
  • creating monthly and annual reports
  • and other services from Section’s purview.


Telephone: +381 11 3612 502
Faks: +381 11 3617 637
e-mail: miroslav.simumovic@uzzpro.gov.rs
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